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USSR century.


Symbols of workers and farmers

Epoch of communism.

sickle Sickle and hammer hammer

 At the time of creation, the hammer stood for industrial laborers and the sickle for the peasantry.

soviet cash 1925 sower chervonets
Soviet cash. With head of worker, and lower - with the sower.

Sputnik buildingthe Sputnik
the Sputnik
soviet advances on pedestal .


monument Conquerors of Space fau



Red October Revolution.

Strategist, leader and the Head.

Sickle & Hammer.
Sickle Hammer
soviet symbolism.

the Idea of equality to All!

Crowned persons.

Soviet republic in fire!
 the Japanese occupation over Siberia.

Soviet armed forces.

Underwater & co.

experiment of prof. Ivanov. human interbreeding with chimpanzee.
anthropologist Gerasimov. How look Ivan the Terrible!
Decoding of soviet scientist over Mayan language.

the Head. Coin in the soviet . feature film
finest comedy of USSR!

Free education in all soviet universities.


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