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USSR century.



Power of workers and farmers.

 Before 1917, the status has been such:

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Workers lower.

 Then peoples open their eyes.

communist ideologists lenin engels marx parade
Lenin, Engels, Marx

  Proletariat is a new class of urban factory workers. Comintern. Their program called for the uniting of workers of the world, which would be followed by the establishment of a dictatorship of the proletariat as well as the development of a socialist economy.

  In factory every worker is boss of his plant.

 When workers understand their power, they hoisting a red flag of communism!




Red October Revolution.

Strategist, leader and the Head.

soviet symbolism.

kommunism pyramid inequality
the Idea of equality to All!

Crowned persons.

Soviet republic in fire!
 the Japanese occupation over Siberia.

Soviet armed forces.

Underwater & co.

experiment of prof. Ivanov. human interbreeding with chimpanzee.
anthropologist Gerasimov. How look Ivan the Terrible!
Decoding of soviet scientist over Mayan language.

the Head. Coin in the soviet . feature film
finest comedy of USSR!

Free education in all soviet universities.


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