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USSR century.


Nineteen hundred and seventeen...


 look round on this year, at the most date of newest history. You may read and write. Before the revolution of 1917 year, 75% of people was illiteracy.

On this page you may compare, how many changes have beyond this jubilee century. And may look on one object: the education in soviets was free for all. The second object - free medicine too...



Eight billionaires 'as rich as world's poorest half'. - BBC.
8 richest people as wealthy as poorest half of the world - Rt.com.


see this:

movie coin jubilee lenin the Coin. Movie. One man go from his home for buying the bread. And the result of this..



Red October Revolution.

Strategist, leader and the Head.

soviet symbolism.

the Idea of equality to All!

Crowned persons.

Soviet republic in fire!
 the Japanese occupation over Siberia.

Soviet armed forces.

Underwater & co.

experiment of prof. Ivanov. human interbreeding with chimpanzee.
anthropologist Gerasimov. How look Ivan the Terrible!
Decoding of soviet scientist over Mayan language.

the Head. Coin in the soviet . feature film
finest comedy of USSR!

Free education in all soviet universities.


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