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USSR century.



Soviet scientist

 Who open for humanity meaning of this pictures, emerging in actual fact - words of ancient american indians.

knorozov maya aztec mesoameric sapotec epi-olmec mixtec quadripartite
(central-) mesoameric marks of languages.

also advice read about deciphering of talking planky rongorongo from Easter Island.

stone idol statue from easter island



Red October Revolution.

Strategist, leader and the Head.

soviet symbolism.

the Idea of equality to All!

Crowned persons.

Soviet republic in fire!
 the Japanese occupation over Siberia.

Soviet armed forces.

Underwater & co.

experiment of prof. Ivanov. human interbreeding with chimpanzee.
anthropologist Gerasimov. How look Ivan the Terrible!
Decoding of soviet scientist over Mayan language.

the Head. Coin in the soviet . feature film
finest comedy of USSR!

Free education in all soviet universities.


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