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USSR century.


Soviet comedies

Laughable films.

trio Morgunov , Vitsin Nikulin gaidai Kidnapping, Caucasian Style
byvaly(pro), trus(coward) and balbes(fool). how walk shooting

  In Soviet Union have many good films. Different genres. For example Battleship Potemkin , based on true story. Or movie with Cannes Palme d'Or named The Cranes Are Flying from director Kalatozov.

But the most viewed and liked films from SU is comedy genre.

Kidnapping, Caucasian Style with trio trus-balbes-byvaly Morgunov, Vitsin and Nikulin. Also this trio have in movie Operation 'Y' with alias 'Wheels do not knock'.

  or for instance Koo. it can't be denied...

leonov yakovlev lyubshin kin-dza-dza



Red October Revolution.

Strategist, leader and the Head.

soviet symbolism.

the Idea of equality to All!

Crowned persons.

Soviet republic in fire!
 the Japanese occupation over Siberia.

Soviet armed forces.

Underwater & co.

experiment of prof. Ivanov. human interbreeding with chimpanzee.
anthropologist Gerasimov. How look Ivan the Terrible!
Decoding of soviet scientist over Mayan language.

the Head. Coin in the soviet . feature film
finest comedy of USSR!

Free education in all soviet universities.


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